Managing permissions

This documentation is for Repeating Issues version 3.0.0 and higher. For previous versions please read Managing permissions (versions < 3.0.0)

Permissions basics

Repeating Issues permissions are implemented with Jira Project Roles. After installing add-on two new project roles are available, that can be used when setup permissions in project:

Project role nameDescription
Repeating editor

Users who belongs to this project role can create, edit and preview repeating details in projects

Repeating viewerUsers who belongs to this project role can only preview repeating details in projects in the right panels Repeating Issue section at issue view page

Jira administrators can change each project role name, description and default members (Jira Administration > System > Security > Project roles - see Jira documentation). Remember that default members are template used only when new project is created and new default members will not be added automatically to existing projects. See below how to update project role members in existing project.

If Jira administrator remove (e.g. by mistake) any Repeating Issues project role then all configurations with this role will be removed from projects. To restore deleted project roles Repeating Issues add-on must be re-enabled. Then missing project roles will be created but project configurations must be setup from scratch.

Enable permissions per project

After installation the permissions are disabled by default and all users can edit / view repaeatings details in all projects.

Repeating Issues permissions can be enabled for each project separately. To enable / disable permissions please go to Jira Administration > Projects > (select project) > Repeating Issue > Permissions, mark the Enable permissions option and save settings.

After enabling permissions in given project, new roles should be added to project for selected users or groups.

Add/Remove project role to/from existing project

  1. Go to Jira Administration > Projects > (select project) > Users and roles
  2. Setup Repeating Issues project roles for given users or groups as described here Managing project role membership


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