Project automation

Project administrators can configure automations within project. Automation is simple rule that is defined by JQL filter and details of the repeating. When the issue is created and it matches the JQL filter of automation rule then adequate configuration with details of the repeating are set to that issue.

To configure project automation please go to Project settings > Automation.

Administrator can set as many automation rules as needed, but only the first one matching the JQL filter will be effective.

JQL filter provided in automation rule is not validated. Administrator must verify the JQL himself, e.g. in Jira Issue navigator. Rule with invalid filter will not be effective.

Defining rule for Issue workflow action

Because in Jira each issue type in project can be associated with different workflow schemes, please note that administrator need to set valid JQL filter that will limit issues to specific issue type suitable for the selected flow. That means that JQL filter should contain at least following clause: issuetype = Task