Getting started with Smart QL

Welcome to the Smart QL guide. We keep this guide as brief as possible while covering all the major features the plugin has to offer. 

Smart QL extends JIRA reporting and searching capabilities with the power of SQL. You can either connect your favorite reporting tool through provided JDBC or use builtin SQL navigator.

Key features

  • SQL navigator builtin - you can scratch quick & dirty reports from JIRA data just after you install Smart QL
  • With JDBC exposed from Smart QL - you can connect most of your reporting and database tools.
  • Each your JIRA users have the same possibilities with our add on, but have access only to data they can access already - Smart QL respects JIRA permissions.

Use cases

  • Crafting custom time sheets that are not covered by other add ons on the Atlassian Marketplace - you can user the power of SQL provided by Smart QL to create time sheet with any criteria or aggregation you can imagine.
  • Building advanced reports for company and need to include JIRA data to your particular reporting environment - you can either connect Jasper Reports, Crystal Reports, BIRT, etc or export the data to your data warehouse, just by using jdbc exposed by Smart QL.
  • Want to check performance of your employees? - build the SQL report in which you count closed issues, comments given by each user for a particular time frame. You can do it with Smart QL.