Velocity expressions in field values

Available since 1.0.0 version

Repeating actions allow to provide text values for Jira system and custom fields. Excluding some basic fields, most of these fields, regardless of their type have simple text input in form. This is because the Repeating Issues app accept The Velocity Template Language (VTL) which provide the easiest, simplest, and cleanest way to incorporate dynamic content for field values.

VTL uses references to embed dynamic content in a template. There are three types of references: variables, properties and methods. VTL provide also language constructions to access map values, iterate through arrays or evaluate the content conditionally. Please read Apache Velocity Engine user guide to learn more about VTL.

Generally the VTL in Repeating Issues app allow to

  • copy values from repeating source issue, e.g $sourceIssue.summary
  • calculate dates, e.g. $
  • calculate any values using conditions, e.g. #if( ${} == 10)it's true!#{else}it's not!#end
  • copy current custom field value (for custom field inputs only): $!sourceIssue.getCustomFieldValue($this)

Please read Velocity references in field values documentation to learn the velocity context and available references in Repeating Issues app templates.