Email notifications

Enable notifications

After installation the email notifications are enabled by default.

To enable / disable notifications please go to Jira Administration > System > Issues > Repeating Issue > Notifications check the Enable notifications option and save settings.

Notifications basics

Repeating Issues add-on use built in JIRA email notifications. 

As Atlassian JIRA documentation states:

  • Email notifications will only be sent to people who have permission to view the relevant issue — that is, people who:
  • JIRA can only send email notifications if SMTP email has been enabled (see Configuring email notifications).
  • JIRA's default setting is to not notify users of their own changes. This can be changed on a per user basis via their profile preferences.

By default above means that if user is the creator of repeating and user has disabled  "notify of his own change" in profile preferences, then even if user is assignee of newly created issue he will not get any notification.

Here Repeating Issues add-on comes with own email notifications for repeated actions creator - emails are sent in case of repeating success or failure. If creator of repeating will not receive any success notifications he need to check "Remove me from watcher" during setup repeating.

For more details, please read following:

Notifications options

Each option have "Status" and "Allow override by user" values:

  • Status - when marked, given option is enabled by default to all repeatings
  • Allow override by user - when marked, the user who creates the repeating will see this option in the form when configure the repeating and can decide whether this option is enabled for this single repeating (e.g. even if the option is enabled by default, user can disable option for single configurarion)

    '-' value means that given option can be enabled only by administrator and user can't be allowed to override this option.

Notify watchers

Specify if watchers of new created issue during "Clone action" should be notified via email.

Note that emails are sent only to watchers cloned to new cloned issue when "Clone watchers" option is enabled. See more in Managing Clone Issue action options.

Mute success notifications per repeating basisSpecify if notifications of successful action execution should be sent. If marked only failure notifications will be sent by the add-on via email