Scheduling Issue Workflow action

Setup repeating details

  1. Go to issue view .
  2. Select More > Repeat from issue action navigation bar or click Set repeating in Repeating Issue section on the right panels.

  3. On repeating configuration dialog please select Issue Worklow for repeat action field.

Configuration fields for Issue Worklow action

Field nameDescription

The transition of current workflow related with issue project that should be executed.

Omit invalid transitionsWhen selected - invalid transitions (e.g. 'Reopen' from 'Open' state) won't fail the current execution and won't disable future repeatings
DueThe due date value to set after transition
Notify watchersWhen selected - watchers of new created issue will be notified via email. See Email notifications.
Mute success notifications

When selected -  notifications of correct execution will not be sent. See Email notifications.

Other system and custom fields

After clicking "More..." on repeating issue dialog more system and custom fields defined in Jira will be available. Each field will have simple form input where static value or dynamic value can be provided - see Velocity Template Language in Repeating Issues add-on.

How Issue Worklow action works?

Issue Workflow action allows to run any status transition on the issue that can be executed manually from JIRA issue view. It works the same as clicking on available workflow transition: 'Start Progress', 'Close', 'Reopen' or any other transitions defined in the workflow related with the issue.

For example if there is simple workflow that allow for below status transitions:

  1. OPEN > IN PROGRESS (transition 'start progress')
  2. IN PROGRESS > CLOSED (transition 'close')
  3. CLOSED > OPEN (transition 'reopen')

Repeating Issues add-on allows to select one of this three transitions: 'start progress', 'close' or 'reopen' when set-up 'Issue Workflow' repeats. Choosing 'reopen' for 'Issue Workflow' action means the action will be executed successfully at selected date only if the issue will be in CLOSED status. It is not possible to 'reopen' issue if the issue has IN PROGRESS status because there is no such transition in simple workflow. Remember that also any other transition conditions must be satisfied if the 'reopen' transition has them configured in workflow definition.