Velocity references in field values

User can use variables in field values during configure repeating details. A variable is one type of reference in Velocity Template Language (VTL) and can refer to objects defined in template context. To use variable please put it name in velocity variable syntax: $vtlReferrenceName or ${vtlReferrenceName}.

Below are listed available variables that can be used in velocity template:

VariableTypeDescriptionSample value
$sourceIssueIssuecloned (for Clone Issue) or parent (for Create Sub-task) issueDEMO-1
$repeatingRepeatingcurrent repeating

Sample usages

FieldVelocity expressionSample value
SummaryCLONE - $sourceIssue.sumamryCLONE - This is source issue summary
DescriptionIssue repeated by $sourceIssue.key at $ repeated by DEMO-1 at 2016-09-11
Date time custom field$ 10:00 AM
String custom field$!sourceIssue.getCustomField($this)This is some source issue value for "String custom field"