Scheduling Create Sub-task action

Setup repeating details

  1. Go to issue view .
  2. Select More > Repeat from issue action navigation bar or click Set repeating in Repeating Issue section on the right panels.

  3. On repeating configuration dialog please select Create Sub-task for repeat action field.

Configuration fields for Create Sub-task action

Field nameDescription

User which will be set as reporter of new sub-task in parent issue.

  • This is not the creator of new issue. The creator of new issue will be the user who set-up repeating.
  • This field is only visible when creator has permission to modify reporter of new issues. If creator can't modify reporter then he will be set as reporter
AssigneeUser which will be set as assignee of new cloned issue.
Remove me from watchers

When selected - the creator will not be notified of any changes to new sub-task issue.

  • This field is only visible if watching is enabled in Jira General Configuration > Options > Allow users to watch issues
  • Creator will be removed from watchers only if he has "Manage watcher list" permission in project
SummarySummary that will be set to new sub-task issue.

This field can have parameters like ${repeatingDate} - for details please follow Available tokens in action param strings
Repeat for
Defines which issue date should be repeated: issue create date or issue due date.

For example if issue duration is 2 days, and the repeating occurence falls on 10 January 2017 then:
  • when issue create date is selected - new sub-task issue will be created at 10 January 2017with due date equal 12 January 2017 (due date is calculated to be 2 days after)
  • when issue due date is selected - new sub-task issue will be created at 8 January 2017 with due date equal 10 January 2017 (create date is calculated to be 2 days before)

Issue create date and issue due date is calculated with non-working days adherence. For details read Managing non-working days

Issue durationThe number of working days between new sub-task issue created date and due date.

Please read how to configure non-working days.
Issue typeIssue type of new created sub-task.
Component/sProject components which will be set to new sub-task issue.
DescriptionDescription that will be set to new sub-task issue.

This field can have VTL expression like $ - for details please follow Velocity references in field values
Notify watchers

When selected - watchers of parent issue will be notified via email. See Email notifications.

Note that watchers will be notified only when the repeating had been setup by user who has 'View voters and watchers' or 'Manage watcher list' permission in the project. Please read the Jira documentation - Managing project permissions on how to edit permissions.

Mute success notificationsWhen selected -  notifications of correct execution will not be sent. See Email notifications.

Other system and custom fields

After clicking "More..." on repeating issue dialog more system and custom fields defined in Jira will be available. Each field will have simple form input where static value or dynamic value can be provided - see Velocity Template Language in Repeating Issues add-on.