FAQ for Smart Reports

Can I see templates created by other users?

No. It is not possible now.

Can someone access within his custom report to information it has no permission to see?

No - it should not happen. Whether someone creates custom template report based on JQL query or any other query type provided in our addon - reports will always show data limited to those which someone has permission to see. If someone has not access to some JIRA issues or worklogs - those issues or worklogs should not be visible or counts in generated report.

Can I use groovy or javascript in my Jasper expressions?

No. Currently only Java expressions is supported. Please note, that we support Java 8 which is very big milestone from the normal Jasper Reports distribution. You can use lambda and streams expressions in case of having a field of a Collection type - something you cannot with normal Jasper Reports:

	.filter(k -> k.equals("done"))