Getting started with Smart Reports

Welcome to the Smart Reports guide. We kept this guide as brief as possible while covering all the major features the plugin has to offer.

Smart Reports extends JIRA reporting capabilities with the power of Jasper Reports engine.

Key features

  • Smart Reports lets you use or create report templates where you can design how the report should look and what data is should pull from JIRA
  • Report templates are described as Jasper Reports XML files - jrxml files. You can design templates in iReport Designer or Jaspersoft Studio
  • Each JIRA user can use builtin reports templates or create their own custom templates
  • When you use a template to create report - Smart Reports will pull data from JIRA and render a report. Smart Reports is built around powerfull open sourced Jasper Reports engine
  • Data to feed your reports are descibed through Jasper Reports dataset and query. Smart Reports provides custom dataset in which you can use JQL (JIRA Query Language)
  • Data pulled from JIRA to fill reports meet JIRA permissions - your user will access data through reports only this which they has already access in JIRA and nothing more
  • Each report can be rendered either as a pdf file or html.

Where to start

  1. Learn how to create your first reports from templates here.
  2. Know how to manage your custom report templates
  3. Create your  first custom report template